BYOD – Are The Risks Worth The Reward? [Infographic]

BYOD - Are The Risks Worth The Reward? [Infographic]

BYOD - Are The Risks Worth The Reward? [Infographic]

While BYOD seems like a smart arrangement for both employee and business, there are a number risks involved that may reduce the company's upside.

The Bring Your Own Device boom is all the rage for companies looking to reappropriate expense. It can be a great way for the business to make better use of budget dollars while allowing employees the freedom to stay connected with their beloved devices. But giving so many outside devices access to the company network can have some unintended consequences which can quickly reduce any benefits the company set out to receive.

The below considerations and infographic from Trend Micro takes a look at what potential issues organizations operating a BYOD network need to address if they're going to recognize the true value of the BYOD paradigm.

  • Data Loss/Theft:  One of the biggest risks in BYOD is the loss or theft of business-critical information. When employees use their personal device for work-related purposes, any work-related data stored in that device could be compromised if the device itself is lost and/or stolen. This could severely impact your business operations and finances, depending on the information lost. But that’s not the end of it, as a lost device could also set you up for a…
  • Data Breach: Arguably the worst thing that can happen as a result of negligent BYOD practices. A data breach is what happens when a particularly malevolently-inclined individual gets hold of the stolen information and either publishes it online for everyone—and that includes your customers, investors and stakeholders—or sells it to the highest bidder. This is a net loss for any organization, both in terms of finances and in reputation.
  • Network Intrusion: Negligent BYOD practices can also result in your office network being broken into. Depending on the type of information stolen in the scenarios mentioned above, attackers can use the stolen information to break through your network defenses and steal even more of your business-critical data. Once they’re inside, there is no stopping them from stealing anything from customer data to company secrets.
  • Employee Distraction It’s their personal device, and while they’re using it for work purposes, their non work-related apps will still be there for them to access. This could distract your employees from their work and therefore result in a loss of productivity.

  • These are just a few examples of the risks companies choosing to go the road of BYOD must consider before getting started. As bad as these troubles may be, however, when done the right way, the benefits of soundly instituted BYOD practice still overshadow the potential pitfalls.   


    It's clear that for a successful BYOD practice, companies need to also adopt rigid security and data control processes if they hope to recognize the full spectrum of gains in the BYOD movement. If you company is looking to adopt the trend it's going to involve much more than weekly changes of the network password.

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    Chris Metzger